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Too long or too short

Sizing corsets can be a little tricky, we have an excellent returns and exchnages policy however so do not worry. If you have a long line corset (anything that is 16" or over) then by all means return the corset along with the completed returns slip in exchnage for something that is 15" or shorter. A corset that is too long will dig into your armpits and legs when you sit down and may not fit around the hips and bust well.  A corset that is too short will make you feel slightly exposed. Also a garment that is too short may create the dreaded muffin top whereby the garment under tension doesn’t have enough length to comfortably distribute the reduced waistline evenly underneath the garment. Feel free to return the corset if you feel it is too short along with the completed returns slip. Shop Online See Details Shop Online Shop Online Share on Facebook Shop Online Find a Store

Shaper Corset
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