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Your Favorite Steel Boned Corsets in Velvet!

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        Your Favorite Steel Boned Corsets in Velvet!                                                                                               

   Hello My Blog Readers! I have been waiting forver  to publish

 this blog. I am thrilled to announce the arrival of our velvet corsets

 in the SC80013 and the SC8007A(black only for now)  I  have 

 been wearing  a  SC80013  for a couple of months now and I 

absolutely LOVE IT! I have the SC80013. It fits very much like 

my other corset , a little stiffer than the satin but not as stiff as

 the brocade…in other words PERFECT.



  Initially, we will carry the velvet  in the SC80013 and the 

SC8007A in black and then in this great velvet. We have 

a sample in other colour, but it seems like it will get dirty just looking at it too long. I have been 

 wearing the corset for about two months and it still looks great! (And remember, I work in a

 warehouse) The velvet has a great texture to it and has been great during our recent local heat

 wave! This is definitely my go-to corset.

  Velvet corsets are ideal for wearing under clothing (sturdier than satin and warmer than our 

brocades) or sleeping in (for those hard-core waist trainers). I love how sturdy, and yet not bulky  feels. 

I know many of you have waited a long time for our velvet corsets…the wait is OVER!


   We have some bright samples in red, blue, black and green we will consider for the

 future (black is my personal favorite…LOVE IT!) Let us know what colors you would

 like to see in the new all velvet corsets!

Shaper Corset
82 Westech Drive Tyngsboro, MA 01879