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Why is it important to season my corset?

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      Why is it important to season my corset?



   In our Shaper Corset Website we’ll be giving you quick answers to some of the most common questions

 we get regarding steel boned corsets, waist training and corseting here at Shaper Corset.



  “Break in your corset”, “Be sure to season your corset”, you’ve heard us say it and we put instructions in every

 corset that we ship…. but WHY is it so important to season your corset? Well, first of all a corset isn’t a cheap

 purchase and seasoning will make it last MUCH longer. If you take some TIME and allow the corset to mold to 

your body, it doesn’t put stress on the fabric channels holding the steel bones of the corset. If you don’t break it 

in slowly, those steel bones may break through the fabric and now your fabulous new purchase is wrecked! Also,

 as you’re breaking in the corset you’re giving your body a chance to get used to the idea of a corset. If you tightly 

lace a brand new corset and wear it all day long, you WON’T be comfortable and it is not even close to the same 

experience as wearing a well-seasoned corset. So do yourself a favor, exercisea little bit ofpatience and season

 that corset! For a more detailed explanation of seasoning check out our website and the shaper corset  blog here.

Would you like us to answer YOUR corseting question here? Post it in the comments and we might!

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