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What is the best corset for you? The corset that fits you best!

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What is the best corset for you?

       The corset that fits you best!

  Hello Shaper corset  Blog Readers! With so many new styles joining the corset line up at Shaper Corset

I thought the time was right to do a quick run down of the overall shape of each style and the body types

 that will work with them. Let’s take them one-by-one (and I will add new styles to the blog as we get them).

 We have individual blogs on most of these for a more in-depth review of each style.

SC88051C Waist Cincher: This corset really works for almost every body type. It is

 short and very curvy with 10 spiral and flat steel bones. The 8″ length allows this to fit 

most body types as your underbust and upper hip measurements are less of a factor 

(unless you have a VERY short torso…then this will fit you beautiful and  fits someone

 with a standard torso). Excellent option to wear when you need more mobility while

 engaged in waist training.

SC80011A Standard Corset: This corset is designed for an average torso length and 

someone with less natural curve, especially at the hip. The SC80011A  is about ten inc

hes  long with a moderate curve. and 10 spiral and flat steel bones. If you have little to 

no hip to waist ratio-this is the best corset for you (until you train your waist down and

 move into a curvier style)

SC80067B Underbust  Corset: This corset offers some great versatility. It rides hig

her in the back to help avoid back bulge, but not as long in the front to allow for stand

ard torso lengths. The SC80067B boasts 14 flat and spiral bones spread throughout 

the corset for real comfort. It offers the same curve at the waist. but almost any body

 type can wear-from a slim athletic build to the super curvy. If you have a torso length

 of 12.5″ you can wear this corset.

SC80003D Satin Overbust  Corset: This piece of gorgeous is the overbust of the 

shaper corset, also boasting 14 spiral and flat steel bones. You will need to meet all 

the requirements of the SC80003D and have the appropriate range of cup sizes 

(which depends on the corset size) to don this stunning corset.

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