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What Do You Think: Are Any of these Keepers?

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                       What Do You Think:

                                  Are Any of these Keepers?

   Hello My Dear Readers! We have another batch of corset samples for your perusal.The response

 from our last new product blog was fantastic…the clear winners were  the brocade corset . Cotton is

 finally on it’s way . This  time around we have some new   brocades, overbust and with the front buckle!

 Take a look and share your thoughts in the comments.


   First we have this beautiful purple brocade with front buckle. We could do this 

same  corset in other colors (red, gold, green) of the same brocade as well. This

 has the same cut as the SC10011 (same boning and panel arrangement),10 spiral 

steel bones and 4 rigid steel bones around the grommets for reinforcement for tigh

ter lacing. We think it’s beautiful…but we want to know what you think!


                                     Here is a look at the new brocade patterns we are considering, 

                                  featured   here in an  overbust (that is slightly fuller busted  than 

                                  our current SC88003, but still not as much as we want). The 

brocade pattern is the same and available in several colors. Is

 there  other style besides an overbust brocade corset that

 interest you in any of these brocade colors?


We eagerly await your responses! Thank you your opinions and 

wishes really do matter to us!

Shaper Corset
82 Westech Drive Tyngsboro, MA 01879