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Want to Nip Your Waist- But Every Cincher is TOO LONG?!

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       Want to Nip Your Waist-

              But Every Cincher is TOO LONG?!


       Hello my family! I am here with my debut Corset blog!

More  often  than  not  when I help size people for waist cinchers, I come

 across this sentence and the would-be issues that stem from it…. “I’m really 


Not to worry, my vertically challenged compadres! We proudly introduce

 the Fashion Waist Cincher! This corset is a firm short waist cincher

 designed to nip the waist and works great for short torsos.




   Now, I’m not the shortest person in the world (I usually wear  either my corset

or the Leather corset), but after wearing this corset for a few days I can absolu

tely see the appeal of the short cincher. It targeted the little bit of gut I have, right 

where I have it! I felt like I had more freedom of movement- I could bend, twist, 

get in and out of my car and it stayed put ALL day!! Now again, since I’m just a 

bit too long in the torso for this little number, you can see a little bit of a bulge in

 my back- above the cincher.




  No worries, if you are a shorter torso, you won’t have this problem  (in the mean time 

please excuse my unsightly voluptuousness)!Nine steel bones spread throughout the 

cincher provide additional structure and prevent the garment from rolling. Easy to put on 

andcomfortable to wear. My natural waist measures 31″ and I can  comfortably wear the 


   Use this little thing to target your  “excess fluff” or create an extra curve at your waistline! 

This product would work well after a tummy tuck or post partum to compress the belly. The

 corset is available in sizes XS – Largein multiple colors.

Shaper Corset
82 Westech Drive Tyngsboro, MA 01879