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Want to Keep Your Corset in Mint Condition? Quick and Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Corset

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Want to Keep Your Corset in Mint Condition?

Quick and Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Corset


   Hello My Blog Readers! In our continuing effort to not only enrich and entertain but educate

 our valued customers, here is another important step to ensure your steel boned corset has

 a long and beautiful life!


   When I received my first corset about a year ago, I took it home from 

 work and rolled it up and tossed it in my underwear drawer-WRONG!!

 I didn’t know any better at that time.I did not have a copy of Corset care

 and lacing instructions we ship out with every corset order, and I certainly 

hadn’t read much of the content on the website  at that time. I have learned

 so very much since then!          


   After removing your corset, hang it over the laces liner side up over a hanger

 (if you plan to keep your closet) or a chair (if you wear it all the time and want 

to keep it handy) or some other contraption that will allow your corset to hang. 

This not only evenly distributes the weight of the corset over the laces, it also 

protects the exterior fabric and allows the corset to air out.


  If you need to clean your corset, you can spot clean using a mild detergent

 and/or use a fabric freshener like Febreze. NEVER wash your corset in a 

washing machine or toss in the dryer to freshen. You will bend the steel bones,

 ruin the fabric and potentially rust the metal grommets and steel boning. From 

time to time you might want to have your corset professionally dry-cleaned if you

 wear it often. It’s beneficial to wear a lightweight camisole or tank top underneath

 your corset to maintain the life and freshness of your corset. (We are looking into 

the possibility of offering corset liners on our website.) Check out our FAQ on the 

Shaper corset  Channel and come visit us at www.shapercorset.com!

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