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Waist Training is a Journey: Patience and Diligence Required

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               Waist Training is a Journey:

                       Patience and Diligence Required

    Hello My Blog Readers! Waist training using steel boned corsets

 has really taken off and is working it’s way quickly into the mainstream.

 While it is fantastic that so many people have discovered corsets and 

the many benefits associated with corsetry (back support, anxiety relief, 

and an hourglass shape-if that’s what you want), we have many newco

mers without the knowledge needed to use their corset properly. This blog

 does not hit on all of the do’s and don’t’s of corseting, but I will talk about 

 what it takes to get to achieve the hourglass so many women desire using

                                            shaper corsets  as opposed to custom fit corsets.


  If you are born with great curves and already have measurements like; underbust 33, waist 29, upper

 hip 39; then you will have no trouble finding a nice curvy corset that will fit well right out of the box and

 accentuate those beautiful curves. But what if your measurements are more like 30, 34, 38? For many

 women, especially after childbirth, the bulk of their weight is carried right at the waistline…giving the app

earance of no waist. This provides a challenge when purchasing off-the-rack corsets that are not custom

 fit to each figure. But there is hope….

  If you have patience and determination, there is a good chance we can help. One 

approach would be to start with a gentle curve corset like the SC80063A. The corset

 has 14 steel bones to help you achieve that hour glass figure.Your goal with this

 corset would be to not cinch up the top and bottom edge(as this would be easy 

when your weight is carried in your midsection), but to work on training your waist

 to cinch down so that eventually you will feels evenly snug from top to bottom.


  If you wish to jump right to the SC80011R or the 

SC0061B (to learn more about how these corsets 

differ, read this blog), a similar (perhaps more challenging) approach is  

recommended.If you have a smaller, leaner frame and are lacking in curve

 it is likely this will be too much corset to start with. However, a woman with

 more fluff  will be able to work with these curvier corsets as the corset will 

push andredistribute her weight to the outer edges of the corset while she 

works on training down her waist. This is especially true with the SC80011R 

as it has an exaggerated hip spring. The SC0061B has the same curve, but

 is shorter and doesn’t have the same hip pocket. The key again is to not bow

 the lacing bones because the top and/or bottom edge of the corset tightens

 so much easier than the waist. Training your waist takes time and effort.


  I get asked all the time, “How long before I see results?”. There is no

 one answer to that question. Every body will react differently to waist

 training. Many people incorporate diet and exercise into their program, 

which will speed up your progress. Some will wear their corsets 12-15

 hours a day (after several weeks of seasoning), while others are only 

comfortable with 6-8 hours. Waist training is done over time….weeks,

 months and even years depending on your goals and level of commitment.


  We welcome experiences and insights that might help other readers. Please 

share in the comment section below!

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