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The Perfect Waist “Cincher” for ANYBODY

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The Perfect Waist “Cincher”

          for ANYBODY


Hello my Dear Readers! I am thrilled to announce the arrival of a

 new corset style here at New arrivals . Wasp Mini Corset. 

 This too cute corset is so comfortable that it can be worn just

about anywhere.

This corset is just 10 inches at the front and back 10.5 inches and 9.5

inches down the sides. It has 6 spiral and flat steel bones, metal grom

mets and waist tape (all the good stuff you expect from shaper Corset). 

        We currently have available in black satin, from a size 34-56 (please see our  the size chart) We

        are anxiously awaiting samples in cotton, leather and other fabrics and colors-and expect to  have

        this amazing satin print (seen below) on the shelves in the very near future!

 I have no problem wearing this corset all day! What I really love about this corset is 

versatility-curvysteel-boned waist trainer AND fashion accessory to make any outfit 

POP! I wore this out last night to a local wine bar and received tons of compliments 

(and  remember, Wenatchee is a small farming community)Long or short, curvy or 

straight-this corset works for everyone! The corset is the perfect addition to your 

corset  collection…or perhaps the ideal gateway corset :).


Shaper Corset
82 Westech Drive Tyngsboro, MA 01879