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Should I Remove My Corset Before I Eat?

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             Should I Remove My Corset Before I Eat?

                                     That depends…


   Hello My  Readers! Just a few quick thoughts on eating

 and corsets – based solely on my own experiences and thoughts

 shared by some of my readers here at Shaper Corset.

Now if you are wearing your corset more for support (or fashion)

 as opposed to waist training and are not looking to lose any weight

then certainly you will want to remove your corset prior to eating a

 meal. I think for small snacks corset removal would be unwarranted

but clearly that choice is yours to make. If you feel uncomfortable

then remove the corset. I do not consider myself a waist trainer, but I

 tend to eat with my corset on at work. I eat often (small amounts) so I

            would be lacing and unlacing all day long.

 If you, like many of our readers and customers, have committed to a serious waist training regiment 

 than there isn’t any reason to remove your waist cincher. You will find that you are not able to eat as 

much in any one sitting-sort of like an external lap band. Some women choose to loosen rather than

 remove their corsets, especially when eating raw veggies or other foods that cause bloating (and we

 wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from eating their veggies!). Your eating habits will need to change

 as you will be forced to eat more frequently and smaller portion sizes. Some one  writes in her book 

know  that she learned to eat better while corseted, not fill up on worthless calories.



For most of us, the smaller more frequent meals will provide all the nourishment you need and is a better 

way to eat. We have customers ask us all the time if underbust corsets burn fat or help you loose weight.

 The is answer is NO! But if you choose to stay properly corseted throughout the day-you are likely to lose 

some weight as the corset will limit your food intake.

It’s important to always put your health first. If you find that perhaps you are not drinking enough water or getting 

enough calories (many women who waist train are not looking to lose weight-just reshaping), then by all means 

take that puppy off and eat, drink and be merry! It takes time and patience to develop a level of waist training whe

re you are comfortable corseting all day long. Don’t rush into anything until you are sure of how you will react 

physically and emotionally.

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