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Perfect corset reshape your figure and enhance your curves

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This corset really works for almost every body type.It is short and very curvy with 6 spiral steel bones to help you achieve that hour glass figure,4 rigid steel bones around the grommets for reinforcement for tighter lacing,and 3 inches wide back panel (lacing guard) .You will surprised to find corset can reshape your figure and enhance your curves.

another way,somebody will ask  how many hours per day do I have wear my corset?

For semi-permanent change and weight distribution you will need to wear a corset for 8-22 hours each day. Everyone's

body is different and you will find, over time, how long your body needs to be corsetted in order to achieve maximum results.Excellent option to wear when you need more mobility while engaged in waist training.

Shaper Corset
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