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Is This Normal? FAQ’s from the Corset Customer File

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               Is This Normal?

           FAQ’s from the Corset Customer File

 We get questions from our customers all the time asking us if this is normal or if that is to be expected. Some concerns are common corset waist training growing pains; while others should be addressed and perhaps a change in corsets or behavior is warranted.

If you have never worn a corset, a few surprises could await you                                                          

when you initialize a waist training regiment. One such phenomenon many of our customers ask about is back pain. Is it normal? Sharp, acute pain is not normal-ANYWHERE, EVER when you are corseting and you should STOP. However, a soreness or even a tenderness in the muscle is normal. Most of us do not engage our back muscles because we tend to slouch more than we should. Wearing a corset, especially a longline, forces you to sit very erect and engage some of those posture muscles that may have sat dormant.



Seasoning your corset properly will not only allow your corset, but your body, to adjust to the process gradually.Another question that rolls across our customer service desk: I

s it normal to feel more gassy while corseted? YES! Check out our blog , but remember you are giving your abdomen less space to work with- so very gassy foods like raw veggies and soda might be a problem. However, you should NEVER feel nauseous or dizzy when corseted-and again REMOVE your corset. It could be you are lacing too tightly and have not given your body enough time to acclimate to corseting. Try again later when you are feeling “normal” again with less tension for short periods of time.

And finally….our customers wonder if it’s normal to look so FABULOUS in their new corset-YES!! What you will notice right away is curves-curves you didn’t even know you had! Remember waist training is a process that takes patience and diligence. Be patient with yourself and your corset and the two of you will enjoy a long, cinched relationship together! Looking for more? Visit our  Sizing and Waist Training Page.

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