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Common Reasons Why Your OC Corset Isn’t Working for You Solutions to Corset Fitting Problems

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       Common Reasons Why Your Shaper Corset Isn’t 


  Working for You Solutions to Corset Fitting Problems



  Hello Shaper Corset Blog Readers! As you can imagine, 

with so many unique bodies in the world we get emails and

 phone calls from customers who are having some trouble 

getting their corset to fit properly. At Shaper Corset, we sell

 several different styles of corsets to fit different shapes and

 corseting needs or goals (and looking to add more variety).


   The most common complaint we get is that the top is too big, but the bottom cinches up just fine (or is too small).

 This is generally very easy to fix-the corset is on upside down. I can hear you giggling, but it happens more often 

than you might think. For our corsets, the loops or hooks will be on your right and the pins on your left as you are

 closing the busk.


   Many of our customers are looking to really give themselves an hourglass 

figure-and why not! However, if you have a small, leaner frame without curves 

you will not be able to jump into something like a SC10012. Another common 

issueis that the bottom closes up completely  or worse, there is a gap at the

 hip. Sizing down will not likely fix this unless the corset is too big everywhere.

 A different corset style (like the SC80011G) will probably work best. With mu

ch time and patience, many women will find they can eventually wear a curv

ier corset as their shape changes with dedicated waist training.


SC80011G offers moderate curve

  Many women who find the hip spring too big also 

have gap issues at the underbust or top edge of

 their corset. This problem is the same…not 

enough  natural curve (or “fluff”) to fill out the 

corset-and thesolution is usually the same. New 

corseters with minimal curves and leaner frames will probably need to begin with a less 

curvy corset like the SC80011G. The SC10010 might work,despite the extreme curve it 

offers as it sits up above the hip and doesn’t have the same hip spring as the SC10012.

 I have a friend who has small waist and hips, but a more pronounced rib cage. This gives her a “V” lace as the top cannot

 close over her ribs. She is an athlete and very lean..so no fluff to help. In this situation a SC10010  worn upside down can do 

the trick-she doesn’t need the extra hip room, so why not flip it!



  Finally, there is corset length. The SC10012 is very popular due the extreme curve and longline style that really 

accentuates curves and the high back the reduces that unwanted back bulge. The problem is that this is a longline 

corset and therefore not meant for everybody.                                                                                                      



 If you find your SC10012 rides up into your breasts or makes it uncomfortable to sit down because the bottom 

edge of the corset digs into your legs-this corset is too long for you. The SC10010 is the best alternative to the

 SC10012 with the same curve at the waist, without the extra length at the top and bottom edge.


SC88006 Brocade

 Corseting is not an exact science (unless perhaps you are having a custom fit corset made).

 At Shaper Corset we have tried to make purchasing an off-the-rack corset more custom than 

other retailers with extensive sizing guidelines, silhouette levels and corset dimensions. At this

 time we offer three distinct underbust corset styles, with plans to add at least two more to 

provide a better fit to even more of our present and future customers. Check out our sizing 

chart for detailed sizing information.

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