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Choosing the Right Corset: There is no ONE right answer

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Choosing the Right Corset:

There is no ONE right answer

   Hello My Blog Readers! Joey here again with some insight into a very 

common question we get here  at Shaper Corset: “Which corset do you

 suggest for me?”We often struggle  to answer this question, because

 without some detailed information from our customer, it’s very difficult 

to choose.

     Each person has their own unique set of circumstances: body type,

 torso length, desired  results, level of experience, occasional use this specific use  thatwaisttraining

and even  more variables with an overbust corset. I will attempt in this blog to lay out the differences

 side by side in our 3 most  popular underbust corsets: SC10010,SC10012 andSC80011G.                 





First let me say that one is not better than the others; they each have something unique to offer. Of course,

 one could definitely be better for you than the others-which is really what we are here to figure out! What they

           have in common is each is made with 6 spiral steel bones and 4 rigid steel bones around the grommets  for 

 reinforcement for tighter lacing.Bi-directional back lacing cinches inches off the waistline.The SC10010  and 

SC80011G are standard length corsets-about 8-10.5 inches at the front and back is 8.5-10 inches and 7-11 in

ches along the side. The SC10012 is a longline corset and measures 12.5 inches at the front and back is 12 

inch and 9.5 inch along the side (Can I wear the SC10012?). This doesn’t mean if you have a long torso you 

have to buy the SC10012, nor does it mean if you are 5’4” tall you must buy a SC10010 or SC80011G. If you 

 have a very short  torso, the SC10012 could be uncomfortable for you to wear.




  Personally, I can wear all 3 comfortably. I prefer the SC10010 because I have more freedom of movement.

 Some women complain about the back bulge from the lower riding SC10010 (especially for longer, full figured 

 gals). I don’thave any problems with that, or I would probably prefer the SC10012. I am very curvy, so the SC100

10 suits me better than the SC10012, but I can wear the SC80011G and in the leather (it’s VERY comfortable).

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