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Can I lose weight just through corsetry?

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          Can I lose weight just through corsetry?


   Hello Shaper Corset Blog Readers! Like many of you, we have heard much about

 the “corset diet”. What is it? How do you do it?Does it work? Well I did a little resear

ch and it turns out to be a clever marketing campaign designed to sell more Shaper 

corsets (imagine that).


   Corsets can be a bit of external gastric band. If you wear your corset during meal 

times (as many full-time waist trainers do), you will find you simply cannot eat larger

 portions of food. This is common sense to most of us-not the diet secret of the 21st 



  So yes, you can lose weight if you choose to corset for long periods of time (especially before and during meal times). 

However if you choose to snack often and frequently or binge eat when your corset is off (because you feel deprived)…

you will likely find your weight yo-yo’s like any diet fad. Waist Training Corsets are not designed for weight loss-but

 rather to reshape the waist (and provide posture and back support). But many women have noticed that they eat 

smaller portions once engaged in a corseted lifestyle.


   If you choose to employ corseting as a means to shed unwanted pounds

-here are some things to consider. First, make sure you are getting enough 

calories! If you are new to corseting, you may find yourself only able to eat 

REALLY small portions. It is important that you consume enough calories

 for your lifestyle. Also, less food intake requires more careful meal plann

ing. Make  sure the calories you are eating capture the necessary proteins,

 vegetables, fruits and complex carbs your body needs to function optimally.

 If you find you are not getting the nutrition and calories you need, try loosen

ing your corset-or just remove it completely when you need to eat. Allowing

 yourself to feel deprived often almost always leads to binge eating later. You

 will also find not all foods work well while corseting.


   As is true for most things in life…common sense should reign supreme!

 Listen to your body and remember to consult a physician before making any

 radical changes. Waist Cinchersare well suited to add to your healthier lifest

yle choices if you choose moderation over maximization. Long term results 

come from lifestyle changes-not quick fix fads. Any success stories out there?

 We would love to hear them!

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