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All Authentic Corsets are Fashionable

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All Authentic Corsets are Fashionable


   Hello My Blog Readers! I am here to answer another FAQ we

 get here at Shaper Corset. We have many stunning authentic

steel boned corsets to choose from-each one a fashion statement

 over or under your clothes. But make no mistake, these are high 

quality authentic steel boned corsets-not lingerie. We do, however, 

offer a selection of fashion corsets-both strapped and strapless-to

 add shape to your sizzle.


   Fashionable corsets have been around for a

 very long time and it  made quite a name for themselves selling them

 several years ago. A fashion corset usually has plastic or acrylic boning, 

and might even have some steel boning at the busk or laces. Generally 

they are of the overbust variety and make for very sexy lingerie that offers 

some slimming and shaping.Our fashion corsets(stylenumbersSC80060 

and SC80077G) have flexible steel boning, a full-length hook and eye 

closure up the front busk and lace up the back. These sexy and slimming 

fashion corsets offer a great push-up effect for your bustline and

detachable garters to really spice things up! Fashion corsets are not all 

designed for waist training or tight lacing ventures.


   Authentic steel boned corsets from 

Shaper Corset offer a 100% cotton inner

 layer for added strength and durability often required of authentic corsets, waist

 tape for cinching reinforcement, modesty panel (lacing guard), beautiful yet dura

ble outer fabric layer and metal grommets. Our steel boned corsets are ideal for

 waist training, providing support, giving you knock-out curves, costumes and spe

cial events-or just to look amazing!


   It’s  note that sizing is VERY important to according to our size chart of shaper

 corsets.our steel boned corsets are sized using your natural waist measurement 

and other considerations. Corsets are very much in fashion right now: overbust,

 underbust, double-steel boned or fashion. Each corset is perfect for what it does-so know what you are looking for your

 corset to do and we guarantee you will be thrilled with it at Shaper Corset!

Shaper Corset
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