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To Sleep or Not To Sleep Adding the “sleepover” to your waist training

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                      To Sleep or Not To Sleep

        Adding the “sleepover” to your waist training

   Hello My Blog Readers! Joey here again with my latest corset adventure

-sleeping in my corset. My first attempt at this didn’t fair so well. I wore my

 corset SC80009D, lacing it how I would normally. Big mistake! I had a mild 

panic attack  and had a hard time relaxing. After about 90 minutes (which

 seemed like hours) I had to take it off. I panicked just a little bit more then,

 irrationally thinking that I might not be able to remove it (so silly, I know-but

 our model Danielle had a similar experience her first attempt).


   Not one to give up so easily, I tried again a few nights later. This time I laced 

my corset up about an inch  to an inch and half less than I would for daytime corseting. MUCH BETTER! My 

theory is that when I am corseted during the day, I engage my core muscles (hold in my gut) because that 

obviously makes the corset more comfortable-better posture through corseting. Well, when I am trying to

 sleep, I (and everyone  else) relax the muscles in my body, which causes my midsection to expand slightly. 

This made the corset feel uncomfortably tight and caused my original panicky sensation.


  Now, I did not survive the whole night, when I woke up midway to use the 

restroom, I chose not re-lace my corset. However, I believe I could have. I 

was not miserable and uncomfortable (warm-perhaps) If you are interested 

in a more aggressive waist training regiment-sleeping in your corset can be 

done. What I can say is start slow (try just a nap if you are a napper), loosen 

up your laces, and give yourself a break. If you are feeling uncomfortable,

 physically or mentally, then STOP! Work your way into a full night’s corseted

 rest…a few hours at a time. If you normally wear a  steel boned  corset,

 I would also suggest trying a less restrictive corset SC8851C for sleeping.


  Most of you who have read my blogs know I am not a waist trainer, I beg

an wearing corsets as research for my job…and now wear them daily at

 my desk for support and posture (and I just feel sexier and more confident!)

 Sleeping in a corset is something I wouldn’t do personally (outside of research for this blog), but I realize many

 of our customers do. Read up on our corset care and corset blogs, and if you have any medical concerns it is 

advisable to seek the advice of the doctor, before beginning a waist training regiment. Remember your safety and 

well-being are important to us-so take care of you!

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