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What is an Authentic Corset?

An authentic corset is a garment that is made with steel boning, multiple layers of non-stretch fabric and laces in the back. All of the corsets sold on our website are made in this manner unless listed otherwise specified. "Fashion Corsets" and "Costume Corsets" have plastic boning unless otherwise specified.


Why should I purchase an Authentic Corset?

An authentic corset can reshape your figure and enhance your curves. Many companies sell lingerie that they call "corsets", when in fact they are actually bustiers or fashion corsets. These lingerie items have plastic boning and/or are made with a material that stretches. Although often aesthetically attractive, these lightweight bustiers will not cinch in your waist, and they are not durable; authentic corsets can last many years with the proper use and care.


Why should I purchase my corset through Corset Connection?

Corset Connection has been a leader in the Authentic Corset industry for over 13 years. We only sell corsets made by the most dedicated and best designers in the world. Our customer service team has years of experience, and are qualified and capable of helping you make the best possible selection for your figure and your needs. At Corset Connection we strive to make your corset buying experience a pleasure.


What is an Overbust Corset?

An Overbust corset is a corset that goes over your bustline (or breasts). It may cover a portion of your bust, or it may cover the entire bust, depending the corset style and your particular figure.


What is an Underbust Corset?

An Underbust corset is a corset that does not cover the bustline. Sometimes this corset is called a cincher, a waist cincher or a half-corset.


What is a Cincher Corset?

Often Underbust corsets are referred to as "cinchers" or "waist cinchers" - this is the term for a corset that does not cover the bustline, and which concentrates specifically on reshaping the waist.



Do men wear your corsets?

Men often wear corsets. Many men want or need the back support that a corset can offer. Some may wish to use a corset to help with weight loss, and others wish to obtain more of an hourglass shape with their corset.


Why are your corsets so expensive?

All of the corsets that we sell are made by hand, with only the finest materials and workmanship. When a corset is made by hand, the seamstresses are highly skilled corsetieres, and their time is very valuable. Less expensive corsets may be found at other locations, but the corset will not have the exquisite details, expert workmanship and optimal comfort as our corsets.


Will you ship a corset to my country?

As long as your country is serviced by the United States Postal Service, we will be happy to ship your new corset to your country. If you have a question about which countries we are allowed to ship to please visit www.usps.com.


How do I decide which corset to order?

The best way to decide which corset to order is to look through our website and pick two or three styles that you like. After making this initial corset selection you can email us with your measurements, and we will be very happy to help you select a corset based on the corset style, your requirements and your figure.


Do you offer telephone support if I have a corset question?

We do offer telephone support during standard business hours. You can feel very comfortable leaving us a message if we are not available to immediately answer your corset questions. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Do you make corsets in Plus Sizes?

Many of our corset styles are available in Plus Sizes. If you do not see your size listed please contact us so that we can help in your corset selection.


Do you make corsets for Transgender/Men/Crossdressers?

Yes, we are very pleased to make corsets for any gender. Many of our corset styles are available in Transgender sizing. If you do not see your size listed, or would like to have a corset made to your unique measurements, please contact us so that we can help. We are very happy to help you in your selection process.


Which corset is the most popular?

Our best selling corset styles are our Underbust Corset and our  Corset (Overbust Corset). These corsets are designed to fit a wide variety of figures. If you would like to find out if one of these corset styles is right for your figure, please email us with your measurements.


How long should I plan for my new corset to be made?

A custom corset (or any corset that is not an "in-stock" selection) will take between 3-6 weeks to have made. Sometimes the timeframe is much shorter, so please ask us about the timeframe for your new corset if you have a special event or time that you absolute must have your corset by.


What is an "In-Stock" corset?

At Corset Connection we strive to maintain a great number of corset styles that are available for immediate shipment. If you need a corset quickly, this is an excellent option. All of our "in-stock" corsets are a standard size, and are not custom fitted.


Are your "In-Stock" Corsets hand made?

All of our corsets are made by hand. For our in-stock corset selection, we make a variety of standard size corsets in our most popular fabrics so that you may receive a corset quickly.


Do your corsets have garters/suspenders for stockings?

Most of our corsets come with the garters attached. Most styles can be ordered with or without garters/suspenders. Many styles can have the garters added by our in-house corsetieres.


Do your corsets have shoulder straps?

Some of our corset styles can be made with shoulder straps. If you do not see the style you want with straps please contact us to see if this option is available.


What is "BBT"?

BBT refers to "Boning, Binding, and Trim", which are all components of the corset. "Boning" are the metal stays that divide the sections of the corset vertically. They are what give the corset its shape. "Binding" refers to the fabric that covers the front busk closure, as well as the back lacing area (the front center and back center of the corset). "Trim" is the fabric that caps the top and bottom of the corset. We can make many of our corsets all one color or with contrasting boning, binding, and/or trim.


I purchased a Corset and after a few wears the boning has popped out.

Please follow the instructions that come with your new corset carefully. Although your corset is designed to be worn tightly, you still need to take the time to break it in slowly. A corset must be worn loosely laced for a few weeks before it is accustomed to your body, and then you can cinch it more tightly. We have found that if you cinch down too far and put too much strain on your corset too quickly, you will have problems with the boning or fabric not staying true to form.


I'm trying to match a previously purchased item. What do you suggest?

In order to offer the large selection of fabrics that we do, we often purchase small runs of select colors. Since dye lots can change with each purchase, we cannot guarantee that items will match anything we've carried before. However, we try our best to get the closest possible color to what we previously carried. We suggest you request a fabric sample of the current dye lot before ordering.


Can I receive fabric swatches?

We can send you up to 5 small swatches to anywhere in the United States, free of charge. Overseas customers are required to pay shipping only. To order, please email us with a list of up to 5 of your desired swatches and your shipping address. Swatches are only available for our made to order items and we cannot supply swatches for many of our in stock pieces.


I need a corset/fashion style that you do not sell. Can you custom make it for me?

We do often take custom made projects for customers. Please send us a detailed email of the garment you'd like, fabrics desired, and A PHOTO/SKETCH for us to view. We will be able to tell you at that time whether it is a project we can take on. These projects are priced on an individual basis and can include additional pattern and fabric finding fees.


I want a corset style you no longer offer. Can this be done?

Yes, of course! Barring supply issues, we can re-make almost every item we've ever done. Please note that not all old fabrics can be obtained, but we can create the same styles that are no longer available in our catalog.


Do you make items out of a customer's own fabric?

Yes, we often do this. As long as the fabric CAN be made into a corset/fashion, we offer this service. There are no discounts or fees for this service. There are also no returns or exchanges on items made out of a customer's own fabric. Contact us for more details if you are interested in this service.


Can I have a corset custom-made to my measurements?

Yes, many of our corset styles can be completely customized. Please view our Custom Corsets Pages to view these selections. Some of our corset styles are available as "made to measure", which consists of adjusting only the bust and/or hips (top or bottom) of the corset to fit your specific measurements. A "custom fitted" corset may also be adjusted in the height and/or other dimensions.


Is a Custom Made corset more comfortable than a stock size corset?

Yes, a custom made corset is *always* going to be more comfortable, and is going to fit your body best, but it is not always practical to start out with a custom made corset. There are many reasons to start with a standard size corset, or pre-sized corset

  1. They are typically less expensive.Expense.
  2. Timing. Custom styles take weeks to months to have made. Many times you will outgrow (lose or gain weight) during the waiting period, and then you are stuck with an expensive garment that does not fit! The second half of the timing issue, is many of the pre-sized corsets can be shipped almost immediately. We have many of our most popular styles in stock usually in white, ivory and black.
  3. Shape. Especially if you are considering your first corset, how do you know what shape you will like the best? Many people purchase numerous corsets before they realize the shape and sizing they prefer.
  4. Size. If you are considering tight-lacing or waist training, then you will probably outgrow your first corset very quickly!

In conclusion, it is not always prudent to order a custom fitted corset to begin with. Most certainly, once you know what size you wear, the shape you prefer, and have a little experience with wearing a corset, THEN a custom fitted corset is appropriate and, in our opinion, necessary. *Especially* if you plan to tight-lace or waist train.


Will a corset make me appear slimmer?

Yes! An authentic corset will enhance your figure to give you more of an hourglass shape. Our corsets will reduce your waistline by an average of 2-4 inches (after seasoning, or "breaking in"), as well as flattening your tummy and enhancing your bust.

Will a corset help me to lose weight?

Yes, you can use a corset to help you to lose weight, or use a corset for dieting. Wearing a corset will put pressure on your stomach. For many individuals this constant restriction reminds them to stop eating before they are overly full.


Can I eat normally while in a corset?

While wearing a corset you may find that avoiding carbonated beverages and eating lightly makes your corseting experience more comfortable. The carbonation may cause slight discomfort as the bubbles tend to create gas which has nowhere to go, and may result in un-ladylike burping. Overeating while in a corset may cause stomach pains, as the restriction on the waistline tends to make the stomach feel full quite quickly. Our experience has shown that taking a corset off directly after a heavy meal may also cause serious discomfort, so remember to eat lightly when laced tightly!


Can a corset help my back problems?

Although our corsets are designed to be worn as clothing, some can be successfully used as a back support garment. We have a number of clients who use their corsets in this manner. Please check with your physician before purchasing a corset for medical use, and remember that our corsets are NOT designed to be a medical device.


I am dieting, should I wait to order a corset?

If you are planning to lose more than 15-20 pounds it might be a good idea to wait to order your first corset, or select a less expensive in-stock style to begin with. For each 10-15 lbs lost, we tend to move down one size. Purchasing a corset, and then losing weight may result in needing another corset. ** On the other hand, wearing a corset will make you feel full more quickly, and does help in the dieting process. Once you have lost the initial 10-15 pounds you can wear your first corset as a sleeping corset to help maintain the shape you are working toward. We also believe that wearing a corset while dieting can help to keep skin taught, thus possibly reducing stretch marks and loose skin. (We are not physicians, so please check with your doctor if you would like confirmation or denial of this).


Will my waist go back to normal when I take my corset off?

Eventually, yes. Every body is a little different, and each person will experience a little different result from corseting. If you are attempting to train your figure, you will probably need to wear your corset(s) 8-23 hours per day. (See Waist Training). If you simply wish to look fabulous while out on the town, then do so, knowing that when you take your corset off your figure will reassume it's pre-corseted shape very quickly.


What is Waist Training or Tight-lacing?

"Waist-training", or "waist training", is generally known as the process of gradually, over time, reducing the size of ones waistline. This is a process that needs to be done slowly to achieve realistic and safe waist reduction. In order to not harm yourself, or your corset, proper instruction from a waist-training expert is recommended. A corset should never be worn in any manner that causes discomfort or pain. "Tightlacing" or "tight-lacing" is the process of using a corset to achieve extreme waist reduction and modification of the shape of the torso. For tightlacing to be effective a corset must be worn 22-24 hours per day. It must be done with great care to reduce the risk of potential injury or harm to health. The potential for harm has been a source controversy over the ages. Consistent, gradual, moderate pressure is the only safe way to achieve the tiny waist that the tightlacer desires. Dramatic waist reduction, when done properly, can take many months and even years to achieve. A corset must never cause pain or discomfort. Before beginning waist training or tight-lacing program, please consult with a corseting expert and/or your doctor.
**See Disclaimer at bottom of this page. 


How many hours per day do I have to wear my corset?

For semi-permanent change and weight distribution you will need to wear a corset for 8-22 hours each day. Everyone's body is different and you will find, over time, how long your body needs to be corsetted in order to achieve maximum results.


When is the best time to wear my corset

Anytime, day or night. Do not corset while working out, showering or exercising.


How long does it take to put a corset on and will I need help?

The first couple of times you wear a corset it may take a little while (10-20 minutes). Once you have done this a few times you will be able to get into and out of your corset much more quickly. It will take 5-10 minutes, on average, once you have mastered the art of dressing with a corset. There is some dexterity necessary, and then it becomes a matter of coordination and practice. This is not difficult, and you do not need to have a partner to help.

Tight-lacing a corset will take longer. For this process it is recommended that you put your corset on snugly at first, and then tighten it to the required girth over time. Serious discomfort should be avoided, and never lace your corset to the point of feeling pain.


Should I wear something under my corset?

Yes. You should always wear a t-shirt, camisole or corset liner under your corset. Corsets should be dry-cleaned ONLY, and your corset will require less heavy cleaning if you wear it over a washable and absorbent garment. We love our Corset Liners, and highly recommend their use.


Will people know I have a corset on?

This depends on your daily clothing. If you wear snug clothing or sheer fabrics the corset may show underneath. Your clothing can be adjusted so that the corset does not show.. You will, however, have better posture and back support - and you will most likely want to show off your new waistline.


Are corsets uncomfortable?

A corset that is fitted to your figure will be comfortable, however it may take some time to get used to a new corset. Corsets should never be laced tightly until they have been "broken in" or "seasoned". This requires wearing your new corset for only a short time, and wearing it snugly, but not tighly, until the boning and fabric have moulded themselves to your body, and your body had adjusted to the fit of the corset. This may take a few hours or a few weeks depending on the corset and your body. Corsets should not cause discomfort or pain. Please remove your corset if you are experiencing any faintness or discomfort.


Will I be hot in my corset?

On very hot days you may be uncomfortable in your corset. We do not suggest starting to wear a corset while the weather is very warm.


Do I need to change any habits like diet and exercise?

You will probably need to eat a little differently while wearing a corset . You will feel full much more quickly, as pressure is being applied to your waist, and your stomach is being constricted. Food will digest more slowly with a corset on. The pressure on your stomach, while not painful, will cause discomfort if you overeat. You will want to avoid carbonated beverages and foods that may cause discomfort You should take your corset off in order to exercise and you should do some type of exercise daily so that your body does not become dependent on the corset for back support.


How do I care for my authentic corset?

Your corset should be Dry Cleaned, and never washed in a washing machine. The layers of fabric and the boning prohibit machine washing. You may spot clean your corset with a damp cloth. For light freshening a product like "Febreze" can be used on the inside of your corset. After a light misting hang your corset to dry over the back of a chair or a clothes hanger.


 How to lace corset?   

  • Start the lace from the inside, feed the lacing through the top of corsets.
  • Feed the lace on the left side and cross it over to the right. Slip it into the eyelet. Make sure that the lace that crosses over forms a line that stays outside of the corset. Repeat this on the right lace, alternating over then under through each eyelets in a series of X's
  • Continue in alternating X's until you reach the center or waistline of the corset. This is where the puller-loop is created. The puller-loop is the loop of lace that you pull on to draw in the corset. Please note that the puller-loop MUST be on the outside.
  • Take the left lace and slip it through the next eyelet down on the left side. This creates a loop on the outside of the corset. The remaining lace should now be on the inside. Now for the right side, take the right lace and slip it through the next eyelet down on the right side. The remaining lace should be on the inside.
  • Continue in alternation X's until you reach the bottom and tie it off.



 *Important Disclaimer*

Although all of the corsets on our website are manufactured with strength and durability in mind, our corsets are primarily a fashion garment. Our corsets are not designed to be used as a medical or back support device without first consulting a medical professional. It *is* possible to injure oneself by wearing a badly fitted or incorrectly sized corset. We take no responsibility for misuse or extreme wear of any garment we sell, and we encourage you to submit correct and complete measurements at the time of purchase. All corsets must be "broken in" slowly, over time, in order to fit your particular figure. We are here to answer any questions prior to purchase. Please consult a doctor or medical professional before attempting any tight-lacing or waist training program, or before using any of our garments as a medical device or for back support.


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